TMJ Disorders

TMJ Treatments in Westlake Village

Healing Orofacial Pain with Dr. Borquez

Orofacial pain encompasses discomfort associated with the hard and soft tissues of the head, face, and neck. After excluding infections, autoimmune conditions, and tumors as potential causes, a thorough diagnostic process follows.

Dr. Borquez ensures a comprehensive evaluation, including necessary tests and referrals, to rule out any underlying brain pathology that might mimic symptoms of TMD, TMJ, Neuropathic Pain, or Headaches. Recognizing that facial pain is not always TMJ-related is essential.

The ongoing pursuit of improved Orofacial pain management has led to the establishment of Orofacial Pain as a recognized discipline within dentistry. Residency training programs in orofacial pain are available at select universities, and Dr. Borquez is board-certified in this specialized field.

Do You Suspect a TMJ Disorder?

The more “yes” answers you have, the higher the likelihood of a TMJ disorder. Take action today and schedule a consultation with us to better understand and address your TMJ concerns. Your comfort and well-being are our priority.

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